You can meet them in every festival or party as their likability makes them highly requested all around the region and even further. They already performed at Feufliâzhe several times, even at its first edition in 2002: at the time their group was only 4. Now that they are more than 20 years old, they aged like a good wine!


In 2002 at Feufliâzhe

They were six in the beginning, then they increased up to eight (not all the time, though, and it's hard to find a picture where they are all together) but they make noise as if they were sixteen. As a matter of fact they can all play the alphorn in ensemble, but each member also plays another instrument to share some good moments with their audience.

Bruno Gillet, mayor of St-Paul in Chablais and former tourist director of Portes du Soleil, had the idea to found this group with his friends. Did he know they would be so popular and that they would have such longevity? He strikes the ground with his jingling “r’bougne” full of bells and ribbons. Romain Gurliatand Gérard Carminatti push and pull on their accordions with enthusiasm, while on the brass side Alain Berthoud and Pierre Couliou play the trumpet, Jean-Marc Piccard plays the euphonium, Vincent Ducrot, who is a music teacher and often shares with us funny and accurate anecdotes from his students, plays the tuba. Now there is also a girl: tall, slim and energetic - finally a charming element in this group! -, the trumpeter Aline Vignocchi.


These merry specimens are therefore of the species "multi-instrumentalist", from “itinerant” family. They walk among people in the crowd while playing, indeed! They love the contact with their audience and that we all sing along with them. Their historical perimeter is around the valleys of Abondance and Châtel, but they moved and keep moving all over Savoy, and, moreover, represent the Alps on cruises or abroad from Canada to Dubai!


Come to eat at Feufliâzhe on Sunday, 7th July. They will enliven the feast in their unique way!

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