La Voix du Léman is one of the oldest associations of Publier, a town on the lake borders, in Haute-Savoie. Feufliâzhe is happy to receive a harmonica orchestra that will play the alpine music at the festival.


Joseph Pariat and Père Joubert (who are they?) founded the association in 1924, baptizing it «L’Eveil catholique». At the beginning there was no harmony, it was, instead, a parish group. This meant that only the drums and the trumpets had the right to be mentioned in the association. Composed of about twenty members, this group had some success until the war, which put an end to all the activities of the association.

After this interruption, in 1943 the group rose up again under the direction of Anselme Chatellenaz (the oldest man in Publier, whose nephew made history in 2013*) and took the form of a fanfare: brass instruments made their entry into the association. It was not until the 1990s and Santino Albertone, head of the music service and teacher in the Publier schools, that the fanfare became a harmony, with an opening to the woodwind. To this new harmony, which today counts 38 members, was added a music school that has quickly become a nursery of new music promises.

Jean-Marc Dagand, th president, will bring us Aurélie, Guy, Justine and Michel Barnoud, Daniel Brandalise, Victor Dawiski, Nicolas Dumont, Maxime and Mélodie Favre, Angélique Favre-Collet, Romane and Odile Favre-Victoire, Gilles Gaillet, Eric Grenat, Lolo Henry, Marie-Claude Jacquier,

Eric Mercier, Raymond Millet, Sophie Morel, Emmanuelle Pin, Noémie Saison, Loïc Schelsohn,

Kelly Touzeau, Denis and Elsa Turin, Christophe Valmont, Marie-Gisèle Vesin and Sylvie Zanone, under the direction of Yann Kerninon.


Sunday at 11am

Contacrs :

*Initiated to music by Eveil catholique, the little Anselme, born in 1919 in a family of breeders, divided his passions between music and football. "I knew a time in which the Amphion plain was devoid of houses, there was nothing there, only fields," says Anselme. "At 13, there was not much choice, we had to work. Up to the age of 17 I worked at the Zig Zag factory, I had to bring money home, but the money I earned on Sunday dances, those I kept for myself ": In 1943 he was 24 and he was already in charge of the fanfare!