Sunday 06:00 pm church of Habère-Poche - 1st part $

They are able to play everything, she with the hurdy-gurdy, the bagpipes or the clarinet, he with the concert chromatic accordion. But in the church, it will be a more solemn repertoire. They will also be with the hurdy-gurdies of "Mère Folle" at the Saturday night ball ... but they will not play the same!


They do not have a website but a Facebook page. If you want to know what they are really doing, It's a bit meagre. Fortunately everything is explained on Agenda Trad  - the text about them is very poetic so we retranscribe the page as it is:

"In the beginning, they saw the stones: rocks of granite, those that mark the paths of the Morvan. And then, the forest spoke to them: the trees of the Jura, majestic witnesses of road whose wood allowed to create their instruments. And then they heard the wind ... nobody knows where it comes from. He made the blades, the reeds, the souls vibrate. This wind of memory has pushed to them the steps of the forgotten dances, the precious pearls that passionate passers-by have given them with the humility of generous hearts swollen with music.

On the way, they give us a rooted music tinged with the experience of each one: a pinch of Celtic Britanny, a ladle of jazz, a hint of tango; sometimes even an wind from the East is blowing on their compositions and arrangements, pushing back even further the limits of their traditional instruments. To the delight of the dancers ...

She, fallen in the great musical pot when she was little, likes touching any instrument that passes into her hands. Initially trained as a percussionist, she turns towards traditional music for dancing after ten years of classical music. Bagpipes, then accordion diatonic, and recently hurdy-gurdy sound according to her dreams and emotions ...

He, initially trained as a concert accordionist, has been successively imbibed with baroque music and jazz before joining traditional music. A dozen years spent in Brittany made him discover the dance in fest-noz. His accordion expresses the soul of these different encounters through shining harmonies of traditional melodies.His compositions for the duo reflect these different influences: dance tunes and melodies invite you to travel.''


Isabelle Blò: bagpipes 16 and 20 inches, alto hurdy-gurdy, clarinet

François Tillerot: chromatic accordion



Facebook page


Videos :

To listen to them in Baroque mode


The spring of Vivaldi


Marches du Morvan“ by Duo Synkro at the “Musicalies“ in Sologne in 2010 in a church


And in "traditional ball" mode with a contra dance from Jura


On their YouTube channel