Adapting, innovating, broadening our horizons: here are the three bases on which the Feufliâzhe association rests for this 13th international festival of music, dances and songs of the Alps.


In this 2017 edition, we continued to develop the festival's strengths: artists from more than five European countries, dance and singing courses open to the public, and the presence of luthiers and craftsmen. And this year we have the pleasure of welcoming Mongolia as a guest of honor. At the same time, a real desire to enlarge the public was built with a greater diversity of musical styles. The Feufliâzhe is a festival, but it is also a music school that offers classes in accordion, hurdy-gurdy, song and dance throughout the year .All of us, as volunteers who love music and the Alps, we wish you an excellent festival in the heart of our mountains focused on ‘’écutâ, shantâ, dyouèyi u danfi’’


Pierre BRON