We really appreciate this group of amateur musicians located near Annecy, which is a bit like the orchestra of Feufliâzhe, because it is composed of a majority of diatonic accordions, violins, hurdy-gurdy, guitars, harmonicas and flutes.


In symphonic music, the term "tutti" refers to a passage in which all instruments of the orchestra are invited to play together, as opposed to other passages, more specifically intended for a limited number of instruments with one or a few soloists. In French, the word "tutti", although derived from an Italian plural meaning "all, all together", ends in the singular with an i at the end and not an o as "tutto". One says: "a tutti". And in the plural, several "tutti".

With this name, this group of amateur musicians wanted to highlight the concept of musical ensemble and the spirit of openness that animate them. They like to share the pleasure of playing together popular and traditional music that is deliberately dance-oriented, through driving folk ball parties, and meeting other audiences such as the elders or the world of childhood and disabled people, to share with them, happy moments.They constantly enrich their music with inspiration from the music of other regions, other countries, other styles. Their repertory is constructed according to everone's preferences, taking up themes or pieces from various countries and regions, arranged for the ensemble by their conductor, Daniel Labaz, a recognized violinist, particularly involved in the dynamics of promoting traditional music in the region of Annecy. It was to answer to a request from these musicians that he created the Tutti in 2005 within the association Croc'danse.

The professor of the Orchestra of Feufliâzhe, Danielle de la Héronnière, comes also from this association. And this year, again, Danielle will also run Le Tutti. So the Feufliâzhe Orchestra and the Tutti will play a few pieces together, as well as the students of Cr'Oc Notes, which will get together more than 50 musicians on the stage at the same time. TheTutti alone, indeed, which sometimes rehearses up to 35 musicians, comes to Habère-Poche with 33 musicians, who, in alphabetical order, are: ABRY Jean-Michel, BAROUX Bernard, BLANC Evelyne, BONAZZI Roger, BUSSON Monika, CAILLE Agnès, CALATRABA Nathalie, CHANEL Christiane, DE MYTTENAERE Bruno, FROSSARD Laurence, GALLO Claude, GEANT Robert et Véronique, GIRAUD Claude, GOMBIA Jean, GOYFFON Jean- Pierre, HUBERT Nadia, JULIER Claude-Roger, JUNG Jean-Louis, LANGEVIN Angelika, MARCELLIN Annette, MASSON Annick, MIEGE Catherine, NIVON Serge, PICARD Georges, PIERRE Jean-Claude, POULAKOS Brigitte, PUIS Françoise, REGNIAUD Majo, ROSA Sylviane, ROTHAN Gabrielle, SIRET Françoise. 


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